Nireeka’s carbon-fiber Revenant makes 1,000 W and ABS affordable

Nireeka is back with another eye-popping (yet impressively affordable) carbon-framed ebike. The Revenant is a high-powered, dual-suspension, ABS-equipped commuter/mountain bike designed to replace the popular Homie, with added speed, range and refinement.

This is the fourth model from Nireeka founders Max and Younes Shojaie; after storming out of the gates with a ridiculous sub-US$1,000 deal on the Homie, Nireeka expanded on its futuristic design language with the Prime, a high-powered, mid-drive, hardtail cruiser that made some compromises, but delivered speed and sheer presence in formidable quantities. This was followed by the flagship Nyx, a mid-powered, mid-drive dual suspension machine focused on trail-riding.

But the price of the Nyx was starting to get up there among mainstream machines, so the company’s returned to its more affordable roots for the new Revenant. Starting at around US$2,000 in early bird and VIP deals on Indiegogo, the Revenant isn’t as cheap as the Homie, but it certainly looks like a step up, and while you can jump on Alibaba and match most of the specs for less, there’s precious little at this price point that does the same things and looks this nice.

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